More Power to You

The public policy decisions that determine Montana’s energy future affect all of us.

That’s why all of us should participate in the discussion around those policy decisions. In today’s world, that means making our voices heard in our local communities, online, and in Helena.

NorthWestern Energy Stepping Up

NorthWestern Energy has been working to supply reliable, affordable energy in Montana for more than 100 years.  Many in Montana have been asking us to take a more active role in the state’s conversation around clean energy—and we know we shouldn’t act alone.  That’s why we are asking everyone in Montana who wants to have a truly collaborative conversation to get involved through More Power to You.

More Power to You is bringing together community leaders and organizations, local businesses and business groups, city councils and other local elected officials, and residents from across the state to work collaboratively for energy solutions that will meet all our energy needs:


  • Affordable energy for everyone
  • Energy that is reliable day and night
  • Energy that protects and conserves our state’s unparalleled natural beauty

Participate in the Discussion


Meeting all of Montana’s energy needs is complicated. We have a few urban centers and many rural communities. We have a heavily agricultural and industrial economy that requires a lot of energy to keep it running. We have extreme weather—below-zero temps and blizzards in the winter, hot and dry in the summer, high winds, intense thunderstorms, and more.

Right now, Montana doesn’t have enough capacity of our own to keep energy reliable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of what’s happening outside. But we do have a plan to make our energy future truly secure.


Every voice matters, even if we don’t agree on everything. You can help secure a reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy future for all Montanans.

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More Power to You is a project of NorthWestern Energy.